Western New York Flood Zone Specialists is your one stop for all things relating to Flood Elevation Certificates (Link to FEMA Elevation Certificate form). We can provide these important documents to home owners in the city of Buffalo and the surrounding suburbs as well as more rural areas in Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Genesee and Wyoming Counties. This document is usually needed by a home owner when obtaining a mortgage and/or insurance for property located in or near a FEMA determined flood hazard zone. The important thing to remember is just because some of your property is located within a special flood hazard zone, your entire property may not be. It is very common to see properties that are partially located in the special flood hazard zone, but the area where the house sits is not part of the zone. Those lucky homeowners can then use their Elevation Certificate to support a LOMA (Letter of Map Amendment) request made to FEMA which can remove the home from a flood hazard zone and save them money. This is done by comparing the elevation directly adjacent to your home with the BFE (Base Flood Elevation) of the flood zone the property is located in. As a cautionary note however, even a home determined to be higher than the BFE can flood as a result of a severe storm. Removal from a FEMA determined flood hazard zone only provides the opportunity for lower insurance premiums or the option to drop flood insurance requirements altogether. Each property owner should evaluate their situation and determine what suits them best.  Contact us to find out if your home is in the flood zone or if FEMA has reviewed your address previously.

Every Elevation Certificate has its own challenges with regard to property type, access, BFE availability and convenience of nearby bench marks. All of these things will impact the cost of providing this type of product for a home owner. Please contact us using the form below providing the address of the property in question and one of our specialists will send you a free no obligation quote.